I am very interested in the film medium.  I created short films (between 5 and 10 minutes) explaining how to do meditation but also with some guided meditation elements as well as some aesthetic elements.  I hope that you will find them beneficial and enjoyable.

Looking at the two essential elements of any Buddhist meditation.

concentration and enquiry
Meditation: Concentration & Enquiry

Instructions on how to meditate focusing on the breath.

meditation on the breath video
Meditation on the breath

Instructions on how to meditate focusing on the body, includes a guided meditation.

meditation on the body video
Meditation on the body

Guided meditation on listening to sounds of the world with photos of nature and animals.

guided meditation on listening video
Guided meditation on listening

Instructions on listening and seeing meditation with films of nature and animals.

awareness meditation listening and seeing video
Awareness Meditation- Listening & seeing

Instructions on the Zen Meditation found in Korea using the question “What is this?”

what is this video
Instructions: “What is this?”

The first ten minutes of a talk given in Korea exploring the cultivation and the effect of meditation.

buddhist meditation 1 video
Buddhist Meditation (1)

The second ten minutes of the talk are about non-grasping and creative engagement.

buddhist meditation 2 video
Buddhist Meditation (2)

The last ten minutes of the talk are about meditation in daily life.

buddhist meditation 3 video
Buddhist Meditation (3)

Exploring perception and hearing meditatively using reflections in water.

reflections video
Reflections: Meditation on Listening and Seeing 2

Exploring being aware of shades and shadows in nature, daily life and while traveling.

shades and shadows video
Meditation on Shades and Shadows

Haiku film on birds.

meditation on birds video
Meditation on Birds

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