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Martine & Stephen


Martine wrote this as a shortcut to enlightenment with visuals aids.  If you want to have some of these aphorisms printed on t-shirts or on any other medium, please feel free to do so.



Lazy Guide - Image 1






The light is already on.



Lazy Guide - Image 2




An open heart
can become more spacious.

Where is the key
To a closed one?



Lazy Guide - Image 3






Be like water,
it does not strain itself.


Lazy Guide - Image 4








Be awake now!
It takes less time.


Lazy Guide - Image 5








A flower does not talk,
We could do the same.


Lazy Guide - Image 6





The golden orioles fly through the sky,
They leave no prints.

The reed’s shadows sweep the water,
There is no ripple.


Lazy Guide - Image 7






Stirring a thought
You totally miss it.



Lazy Guide - Image 8








There is no moment
Like this moment.


Lazy Guide - Image 9






A scowl or a smile?
Which is more effort?



Lazy Guide - Image 10





Blessed are those

Who do not exert themselves.


Lazy Guide - Image 11







Peak experience?
What goes up
Goes down!



Lazy Guide - Image 12




Rejoice at the happiness of others,

It is an easy way to be happy.


Lazy Guide - Image 13






Time is timeless.
No need to rush.



Lazy Guide - Image 14





Be enlightened by all things,

Just look, just listen.


Lazy Guide - Image 15







Keep your life simple.
It is less trouble.



Lazy Guide - Image 16






The Great Way is not difficult,

For those who do not pick and choose.


Lazy Guide - Image 17








Searching for the truth,
It has never gone away.



Lazy Guide - Image 18






Time is running out.

Don’t run after it.


Lazy Guide - Image 19






Share your happiness,
It is a free gift.



Lazy Guide - Image 20



To all those who prefer to walk
When told to run.

To all those who prefer to lie down
When told to stand up.


Lazy Guide - Image 21





A bee gathers pollen,
The delicate blossom
Is left untouched.



Lazy Guide - Image 22






Whos is there to be confused?


Lazy Guide - Image 23







Enlightenment is out there!



Lazy Guide - Image 24



Grasping is futile, rejecting is painful;
Care lightly and gently,

Like a mother holding a child,
Not too loose, not too tight.



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