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Book Cover - What is this?The Definition, Practice, and Psychology of Vedanā

Routledge, 2019





Book Cover - What is this?What is this? Ancient questions for modern minds (with Stephen Batchelor)

Wellington: Tuwhiri, 2019





Book Cover - The Spirit of the BuddhaThe Spirit of the Buddha.

New Haven and London, Yale University Press, 2010





Book Cover - Let GoLet Go.

Boston: Wisdom Publications, 2007





Book Cover - Women in Korean ZenWomen in Korean Zen.

Syracuse: Syracuse University Press, 2005






Book Cover - The Path of CompassionThe Path of Compassion.

Walnut Creek: Alta Mira Press, 2004 (translator)






Meditation for Life.

London: Frances Lincoln 2001/ Boston: Wisdom Publications, 2001.







Book Cover - Principles of ZenPrinciples of Zen.

London: Thorsons, 1999. Published in abridged versions: Way of






Book Cover - Zen (hardcover)Way of Book Cover - Way of ZenZen, Zen.

London: Thorsons First Directions, 2001.






Book Cover - Walking on lotus FlowersWalking on Lotus Flowers.

London: Thorsons, 1996.

Reissued as A Women’s Guide to Buddhism. 2001. (Editor)






Book Cover - Buddhism and EcologyBuddhism and Ecology.

London: Cassells, 1992. (Co-editor with Kerry Brown)






Book Cover - The Way of Korean ZenKusan Sunim. The Way Of Korean Zen.

Tokyo/New York: Weatherhill, 1985. (translator)







  • Inclusions in Anthologies


Book Cover - Wake Up and CookSlow and Sincere in Carole Tonkinson (ed.).

Wake Up and Cook: Kitchen Buddhism in Words and Recipes.

New York: Riverhead, 1997, pp. 171-177.


Contributions to: Peggy Norman and Marcus Braybrooke (eds.).

Testing the Global Ethic: Voices from the Religions on Moral Values.

Ada: Co-Nexus Press, 1998, pp. 15-17, pp. 38-39, pp. 130-131.

Book Cover - Womens Buddhism Buddhism's WomenContributions in: Ellison Banks Findly (ed.).

Women’s Buddhism, Buddhism’s Women: Tradition, Revision, Renewal.

Wisdom Publ. 2000, p.58, pp.156-158, pp.275-277,pp.297-299, pp.403-404.


Buddhism and Ecological Awareness in:

Faiths and the Environment: Conference Papers. London:

Centre for Interfaith Dialogue, Middlesex University, 1996, pp. 29-35.

Contribution to: Elizabeth Roberts and Elias Amidon (eds.).

Prayers for a Thousand Years,

HarperSanFancisco, 1999, p. 103.


Contribution to:

Guggenheim Public, Symposium on Love,

Peggy Guggenheim Collection, 2002, P90-91

Buddhist Nuns, in

Encyclopedia of Religion, Second Edition,

Mac Millan, 2005

Book Cover - Commit to SitContribution to: Joan Duncan Oliver ed,

Commit to Sit

Hay House 2009, P72-74


Book Cover - The Best Buddhist Writing 2009Melvin Mc Leod ed,

The Best Buddhist Writing 2009,

Shambhala 2009, P52-57



  • Interviews

The Question Mark

in: New Testaments: People who found purpose talk about their lives.

Judith Rice, London: Fount, 1993, pp. 165-172.


Faith, Questioning and Togetherness

in: Eddie and Debbie Shapiro (eds.). Voices from the Heart.

New York: Tharcher/Putman, 1998, pp. 331-338.





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